MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIES Helping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness
MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIESHelping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness

Bangalore, India Outback

June 16-18, 2017

Outback Marriage in Bangalore, India

offers an Asian / Middle Eastern flare to the whole Outback experience. Couples will stay in the newly rennovated Nirjari, Carmelram where they will be blessed by state-of-the-art experiential teaching, memorable activities, fun, and plenty of intentional time to nurture their relationship.


Like many of our other Outback venues in the United States, this is a weekend adventure developed to give participants a practical strategy for daily living. The strategy focuses on the participant’s vertical relationship with Christ and their horizontal relationship with family, friends, church and community. During the course of the 48-hour weekend, guests find their lives transformed as they begin to develop a daily strategy for finding their life purpose and begin cultivating Christ honoring relationships.
The husband and wife portion of Outback is a condensed weekend version of the JH Ranch Adventure with all the same fun and practical approach to marital enrichment. Couples stay in comfortable tents with mattresses that are provided by Outback.
Music and drama, combined with recreation, team-building activities, and small group sessions are some of the exciting activities that make Outback an adventure of a lifetime. Best of all participants are provided with simple ways to take the experience home for life.

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