MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIES Helping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness
MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIESHelping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness

Transforming Marriages in New Zealand

Partnering with the Kiwis to Embrace God’s Design for Marital Oneness

This past spring we returned to the North and South Islands of New Zealand to lead 4 marriage retreats in Christchurch, Roturua, Wanaka, and Queenstown. Again, we are blessed to partner with the Aotearoa leadership team in bringing God’s design for marriage to the kiwis. Nearly 100 years ago, 99% of the New Zealand population professed the Christian faith. Today, one report reveals that less than 5% of New Zealanders claim to be Christian. Our divine call by God to help couples embrace marital oneness is part of an over arching goal of Aotearoa to promote godly families in New Zealand.


As always, we incorporate experiential learning activities in each of our sessions to help sustain the learning experience for our couples. Activities like trust-walks, trust-falls, the helium pole, golden handcuffs, and tangram puzzles are just some of the exercises that help couples engage the cognitive and affective domains of learning to promote healthy attitudes and behaviors that enrich the marital relationship. Each retreat is also designed to teach couples the importance of planning for an effective date night, getting to know each other better, and celebrating the unique personality of their relationship.


For more information about attending or supporting one of our New Zealand Marital Adventures, please contact Terri Sumlin at

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