MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIES Helping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness
MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIESHelping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness

Leading High Adventure Marriage Retreats in California

Marriage Adventures at the JH Ranch

Sumlin’s Lead Husband & Wife and Pre-Marital Adventures

What began back in 2004 has become one of our most sought after marriage adventures at the JH Ranch. This summer makes for our 14th consecutive summer for facilitating marriage adventures among the majestic mountains of northern California. We will lead a husband & wife adventure during the June 2-9 week and a Cloud 9 program for pre-marital couples during the week of July 2-9.



Husband & Wife Adventures at JH Ranch affords couples the opportunity to experience the excitement and challenge of adventure-based learning in a way that promotes sustained behavioral transformation.  During this 7-day adventure, couples will discover effective and practical ways to enhance communication, regulate conflict, and grow closer in intimacy the way God intended. Opportunities for one-on-one time are intentionally designed to promote the much-needed alone time for couples - away from the busy and hurried rush of life.


Similar to the Husband & Wife Adventures, the Cloud 9 program is an opportunity to set aside the much-needed time to spend with your future spouse, laying the foundations for your marriage. This one-week program is designed to explore the relevant questions leading to marriage and offers Biblical guidelines in making this all-important decision. This program allows you to participate in the high-adventure activities at the Ranch while also focusing on preparing for the next season of your life together.


JH Ranch Is located 3,200 feet above sea level in the midst of the beautiful Trinity and Marble Mountains. This scenic 300-acre ranch offers separate bunkhouse lodging for husbands and wives. Couples in the husband & wife program as well as the Cloud 9 program will discover God’s design for marital oneness, learn how do disarm the threats to oneness, unlock the intimacy of oneness, and find ways of reclaiming surrendered oneness.


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