MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIES Helping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness
MARRIAGE LIFE MINISTRIESHelping Others Embrace God's Design for Marital Oneness

Marriage Innovators Initiative in East Tennessee

Taking Marital Education Beyond the Walls of the Church

Once again, we are honored to co-lead the Marriage Innovator Workshops and Mentoring Programs as part of a marital education initiative in East Tennessee to help promote healthy marriages and families. This next round of workshops, beginning in January, marks our 4th season to be leading this series.


Multiple churches around east Tennessee are joining together to make a positive difference in and around the communities for which they serve. This effort includes leading weekly marriage workshops as well as providing marriage mentoring to couples for 12 months following their participation in the workshop. These workshops incorporate experiential teaching, mentoring, research and accountability.  The goal is to reach within and outside the walls of the church to equip couples to grow and protect their marital friendship, increase their level of marital commitment, regulate conflict, and unlock relational intimacy.  One of the outreach objectives of this initiative is to minister to people that have likely never graced the doors of a church.  The assembled team has a God sized vision to transform east Tennessee, eventually statewide, and then to the ends of the earth.


For more information about how you can host a Marriage Innovator Workshop and Mentoring Program similar to the one we are leading in Tennessee, please contact Dr. Sumlin at


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