Pastoral Retreats

Pastoral Retreats
Pastoral Marriage Adventures

Being in full-time pastoral ministry ourselves, we can empathize with the pressure and responsibility of ministry. According to one report, 50% of pastors are leaving the pulpit within the first two years of ministry, never to return. It is not uncommon for pastors to become a bit guarded and feel isolated. This can also take a toll on their marriages and families.

While we are honored to have pastors and their spouses participate in all of our marriage adventures and getaway retreats, we are excited to offer pastoral marriage adventures specifically designed for ministry leaders.

About Pastoral Marriage Adventures

As a special gift to pastors and their spouses, we have designed a six-day marriage enrichment week at the JH Ranch in northern California and soon to be our Smoky Mountain getaway at the Historic Tapoco Lodge in North Carolina. Pastors and their spouses will enjoy a relaxing and spiritually uplifting time away from the hurried rush of ministry as they spend intentional time investing in their relationship. In addition to the experiential activities that have defined our marriage adventures, couples will create lasting memories in the midst of breath-taking scenery hat reveals God’s masterful creativity.
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