JH Ranch

JH Ranch | Cloud 9
California Marriage Adventures -Etna, CA 

Husband & Wife Adventures in Northern California provide couples the opportunity to experience the full excitement of the adventures of JH Ranch. Two programs are offered at the Ranch, Husband & Wife programs as well as our Cloud 9 program for pre-marital couples who are engaged or seriously dating.

JH Ranch is located 3,200 feet above sea level in the midst of the beautiful Trinity and Marble Mountains. This scenic 300-acre ranch offers separate bunkhouse lodging for men and women.

Couples attending programs at the JH Ranch will discover God’s design for marital oneness, learn how do disarm the threats to oneness, unlock the intimacy of oneness, and find ways of reclaiming surrendered oneness.
For more information about the JH Marriage Programs please visit www.jhranch.com.
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