What We Do

What We Do
Our Ministry Passion
Our passion for ministry is to help others come to know, love, and worship God through a personal and purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ. God uses our passion, gifting, and experience in the field of marriage and family ministry to bring about His redemptive purpose through the proclamation of His Word.
This passion stems from our personal encounter with God’s redemptive grace in restoring our own broken marriage. This passion falls under a much larger calling of proclaiming the truth, love, and worship of God through a personal and purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ. To this end, we founded Marriage Life Ministries in 2012 as a means of proclaiming the gospel through the vessel of marriage and family ministry.
Our unique approach to marital enrichment is built upon some of the advances found in neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and adventure-based therapy, which were then tested through the lens of God’s word for validation. The result is an Adventure-Based Marital Enrichment model that helps couples derive behavioral transformation and increased levels of sustained learning. While traditional therapeutic approaches yield low to moderate success in terms of marital outcomes, couples who participate in our programs are 84% more likely to report having sustained levels of increased marital satisfaction long after the program has ended.

Retreat & Conference Speakers

Couples during our marriage retreats and conferences around the world will experience a life-changing time away from the busyness and distractions of life as they experience practical and proven biblical truths designed to improve communication, regulate conflict, and increase intimacy. We use creative, experiential learning techniques in our approach to demonstrate the oneness of marriage and identify the threats that destroy oneness and intimacy.

Curriculum Development

In addition to facilitating retreats and conferences, we have developed the Marriage Innovators Workshop®, Oneness of Marriage®, and Intimacy of Marriage®, series designed to help couples enrich their marriages through the application of proven biblical principles and empirical marital research.  
In addition, we are excited about the debut later this year of our new Holiness of Marriage® series designed to help couples formulate a divine perspective of their marriage that is truly set apart from the norms of this world.

Pastoral Counseling

Both David and Terri provide limited pastoral counseling and support including, but not limited to, premarital counseling, marriage and family counseling, and individual counseling. In some cases we can also provide counseling referrals upon request.
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